Whipstitch.Backstitch. is the creation of Lauren Selden- currently a student at The Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design. The company grew from her love of sewing and textile arts into the creation of simple, beautiful and unique creatures made from vintage and reclaimed fabrics, among other things.

Whipstitch.Backstitch is environmentally conscious. We use (in part) beautiful vintage materials as well as Ecofill stuffing, which is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.
Embracing the act of hand-stitching, each creature is lovingly hand-made 100% locally in beautiful Pleasentside, B.C.

Whipstitch.Backstitch. is about supporting the  handmade movement that is blossoming world-wide and embracing simpler, whimsical toys that encourage and inspire imagination in the ones who love them, young and old alike.


Lauren and ‘the gang’